Meet the Respondent – Bo Chen

In our final installment for 2016 we meet Bo Chen who is currently a PhD candidate at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is paired with Fiona Anderson in the project and will be presenting at our event Consent & Refusal: Mental Health, Human Rights & the Law on the 11th of January.

chen-boMy name is Bo Chen.

I am from Mainland China.

I speak English and Chinese (native).

My 7 word autobiography is: a humble learner of restoring “impossible” rights.

I have experience of research based on the UN CRPD and working closely with psychosocial disabilities.

I joined the VOICES project because I want to be a part of the project which seeks to explore an alternative narrative and conceptualisation of decision-making in regards of medical treatment and contract etc.

What was your favourite part of the first workshop?

My favourite part of the first workshop is the international community who have been very keen in promoting changes by telling their stories. We need more peers from different parts of the world to work together, showing there are possible and more desirable alternatives.

What are you hoping to learn from the project?

On one hand, I am interested in the topic itself. I want to learn more about how supported decision-making works in real life and what a disability-neutral criteria for intervention will look like. On the other hand, with an educational background in law, I also want to learn more about using personal narratives in research.

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