The project will run over the course of three and a half years with the first nine months focusing on the initial set up of the project, finding potential participants and developing the theoretical framework for the project.

After this initial phase the focus will be placed on conferences and writing workshops where participants will be paired up to share their stories and discuss legal capacity around the themes of contract law, consent to sex, criminal responsibility and consent to medical treatment. It is planned to publish at least eight individual stories and eight critical responses in a book when the project is complete.

A timeline for these events is set out below.


February Kick off Conference
April Workshop 1 – Pairing process begins
September Workshop 2 – Criminal Responsibility
November Workshop 3 – Contractual Capacity


January Workshop 4 –Consent to Treatment
May Workshop 5 – Relationships & Consent to Sex
November Workshop 6 – Book Workshop


January Deadline for submission of pieces for the book
October Concluding Conference and Book Launch