Meet the Respondent – Chloe Hocking

  In our most recent Meet the Respondent post we meet new recruit Chloe Hocking. Chloe is co-authoring a chapter with Nicholas Clarke and Nell Munro. My name is Chloe Hocking I am from England My 7 word autobiography is: full-time student - part-time fitness fanatic/crafter/baker I have experience of carrying out research which explores … Continue reading Meet the Respondent – Chloe Hocking

Meet the Respondent – Roxanne Mykitiuk

Last Wednesday we met Val Resh, who shared her story on consent to treatment at our workshop on the 10th and 11th of January this year. Today our post takes us to Canada to meet Roxanne Mykitiuk an Associate Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School. Roxanne will respond to Reshma's story in a co-authored chapter in the project's final edited … Continue reading Meet the Respondent – Roxanne Mykitiuk

Meet the Respondent – Donna McNamara

Last Wednesday we met Claire Hendrick and below is a post on Donna McNamara, who is working with Claire as a respondent. They presented their work together last November during the workshop on freedom to choose.  My name is Donna McNamara I am from Ireland I speak English I have experience of researching human rights, legal capacity … Continue reading Meet the Respondent – Donna McNamara

Meet the Respondent – Andrea Parra

  Andrea Parra is a respondent in the project and works together with  Sitawa Wafula. My name is Andrea Parra I am from Colombia I have experience in feminist legal activism and experiential training. My 7(ish) word autobiography is: stubborn abogada who believes in fighting for daily rights and that any revolution involves dancing. I … Continue reading Meet the Respondent – Andrea Parra

Michelle Browning

Meet the Respondent – Michelle Browning

  Michelle Browning is a respondent in the project and is working with Paul Alford. Michelle is currently completing her PhD with the Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. My name is Michelle Browning I live in Melbourne, Australia I speak English and a little bit of Spanish when on holiday. … Continue reading Meet the Respondent – Michelle Browning

Picture of Aylin Yumerova

Meet the Respondent – Aylin Yumerova

  Here we meet Aylin Yumerova, legal advisor at the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL). Aylin is paired with Marieta Petrova and will be presenting at our upcoming workshop The Freedom to Choose: Contracts, Capacity & the Law.   My name is Aylin Yumerova. I am from Bulgaria. I speak Bulgarian, English, French and Turkish. … Continue reading Meet the Respondent – Aylin Yumerova

Meet the Respondent – Moira Jenkins

Earlier in the week we met Helen Rochford Brennan. Moira is Helen's respondent and will present her ideas for reform based on Helen's experiences at our event, The Freedom to Choose: Contracts, Capacity & the Law on the 18th of November in NUI Galway. You can register for that event now on Eventbrite. My name is … Continue reading Meet the Respondent – Moira Jenkins

Meet the Respondent – Piers Gooding

On Tuesday we met Cath Roper from Melbourne, Australia. Cath is working with Piers Gooding, a post-doctoral research fellow at the Melbourne Law School, on a narrative and response relating to consent to medical treatment. My name is Piers Gooding. I come from Australia. My 6-word autobiography is: socio-legal academic and sometimes saxophonist. I have experience researching … Continue reading Meet the Respondent – Piers Gooding

Meet the Respondent – Nell Munro

In our last post we met Nicholas Clarke and now we will meet Nell Munro who is Nick's respondent for on the project. Nick and Nell will be presenting at our first thematic workshop on Criminal Responsibility which takes place on the 23rd of September in NUI Galway. You can find out more about the event and about how to register here.  My name … Continue reading Meet the Respondent – Nell Munro