Contracts Workshop

The Freedom to Choose: Contracts, Capacity & the Law

Date: 18th November 2016

Venue: Institute for Lifecourse and Society, NUI Galway.

A full programme for the event is available here.


Helen Rochford Brennan

This seminar focused on freedom to choose where and with whom to live, decisions about travel and financial decisions and featured a range of perspectives from the storytellers and respondents in the VOICES project and leading figures in the field of capacity and contract law such as Alex Ruck Keene, Dr. Michael Bach and Dr. Lyn Tjon Soei Len.


20161118_editedThe experiences shared looked at capacity to contract in many areas of life for people with disabilities (including people with dementia and mental health experience) such as tenancy agreements, buying a home, contracts for services and financial agreements.

Presentations also examined how with the right support, people can make legally binding contracts that respect their will and preferences, while providing security for third parties who enter into contracts with people using this kind of support.

Presentations from each of the speakers are available here. 

Videos of all the presentations are available here.