The Participants

This project paired storytellers (people with lived experience of disability and support to exercise legal capacity) with respondents (legal or social sciences scholars, activists, frontline workers etc.).

After completing the application forms and being selected for the project, the pairs first met in April 2016 and have worked together since then to present at our events and to co-author a chapter for our edited collection. Below we list these pairs by theme and over the coming weeks each pair will have their own dedicated page on the blog. For now please look at our Meet the Storyteller and Meet the Respondent blog post series to find out more.

Rusi Stanev and Sheila Wildeman

Criminal Responsibility

Nicholas Clarke, Nell Munro and Chloe Hocking

Contractual Capacity

Joy Rehema and Emer O’Shea

Claire Hendrick and Donna Mc Namara

Dermot Lowndes and Jan Strnad

Helen Rochford Brennan and Moira Jenkins

Marieta Petrova and Aylin Yumerova

Paul Alford and Michelle Browning

Consent to Sex and Relationships

Maria Mahony and Sarah Richardson

Ronnie Harris and Jana Offergeld

Consent to Medical Treatment

Cath Roper and Piers Gooding

Lavanya Seshasayee and Maths Jesperson

Fiona Anderson and Bo Chen

Reshma Valliappan and Roxanne Mykitiuk