Maria & Sarah

‘My sister is married. Why can’t I get married?’

Maria asks the question; what is preventing her from getting married? She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Paul for several years and he has proposed several times.Maria has said yes to him but, despite the couple wanting to, she feels she cannot marry Paul. She tells Sarah about some of the difficulties she has faced such as not being allowed to kiss at the day centre and being told she is too young to buy an engagement ring although she is 48. Sarah explores what Maria’s rights are under the Irish Constitution and the Convention for the Rights ofPersons with Disabilities and finds that there are a number of areas, in practice, that are not as clear as they could be. It would appear that Maria has more to prove than someone without an intellectual disability.


My name is Maria Mahony

I am from Ireland

I speak English

My name is Sarah Richardson.  

I am from England. 

I speak English.  

My 7 word autobiography is: Traveller loving curry, dogs and human rights