Reshma & Roxanne

The Humour in my Tumour: Respecting Legal Capacity in Health Care Decision Making

This is a story about physicians who fail to listen to the voice of a patient who presents with medical symptoms because they believe the patient is listening to the voices in her head and has no medical condition to treat. It is a story about the denial of legal capacity and informed consent to healthcare treatment once an accurate diagnosis is made. While this story illustrates the discriminatory and prejudicial health care services and treatment that persons regarded as lacking capacity are subject to as they navigate a health care system that is more intent on reinforcing dynamics of power than listening and attending to the health needs of the person with a disability, Reshma’s story is also instructive and hopeful. The story explores techniques and practices of support, communication, trust building and living in community that Reshma has experienced and which facilitates the exercise of legal capacity.

You can watch Reshma present here. 

About the Authors

reshmaMy name is Reshma Valliappan aka Val Resh.

I am from Malaysia and India.

My 7 word autobiography is an alien who spreads love through madnes


I have experience of story telling, giving talks and lectures, have authored a book, few papers, and advocacy.

roxanneMy name is Roxanne Mykitiuk.

I am from Canada.

My 7 word autobiography is: adventurous, curious, collaborative, social justice seeking mom.

I have experience using short films, plays and narrative to change perceptions of disability.  I run a program for law students advocating for disability rights, equality and justice and I write about a range of disability justice issues.