Special Issue of the International Journal of Law in Context

We produced four working papers as a starting point for the theoretical framework of the VOICES project. The papers were authored by the members of the VOICES team and have been edited based on feedback from our Advisory Committee and Steering Group. You can read pre-publication drafts of the papers here. The final versions of these papers, along with accompanying response and reflection articles from activists and scholars involved in the drafting and subsequent interpretation of Article 12, Tina Minkowitz and Amita Dhanda, are published as part of a special issue of the International Journal of Law in Context and available online here.

Global Perspectives on Legal Capacity Reform: Our Voices, Our Stories

This edited collection is the culmination of the work of the project and features 14 co-authored chapters by storytellers and respondents from 12 countries.  The book, and the project as a whole, is structured across four thematic areas – criminal responsibilitycontractual capacityconsent to medical treatment, and consent to sex and relationships.  It will be published by Routledge in its  Research in Human Rights Law  series in late 2018. You can find out more and pre-order a copy on Routledge’s website.