If you are interested in the design of the project some of the documents we used along the way are available below. We tried to make all our documents available in plain language and easy to read.

Information Packs

EasyRead Information Pack for storytellers
Plain Language Information Pack

Application Forms

The application forms were designed to help us with pairing storytellers and respondents, to help us decide who would receive funding to attend project events (if required) and to give us a sense of the types of stories people would like to share.

Storyteller Application Form
Respondent Application Form
EasyRead Storytellers App Form

Before submitting an application individuals were asked to ensure that they had read and that they agreed with the ground rules we had drafted for workshops. These ground rules were reviewed at the start of each session and new rules could be added by the participants. Applicants were also asked to confirm that they agreed with the project’s values.

Ground rules for participants
EasyRead Ground Rules

Pairing Guidelines

After the first workshop participants were contacted about who they would be paired with in the project and issued with pairing guidelines. The guidelines set out how to contact each other, the role of a storyteller and respondent, legal and ethical responsibilities and lots more. We also made them available in Easy to Read.

Pairing Guidelines
Easy Read Guidelines for Pairs 

Expressions of Interest

We wanted to incorporate art into each of our workshops and events. This included performance pieces – music, theatre or dance,  an exhibition or any form of art which connected with the central themes of the project. We provided an expression of interest form for artists who were interested in working with us.

Expressions of Interest Form