About the Toolkit

This toolkit offers information about the VOICES project, its structure, outcomes and the lessons learned from the project.

We hope that this toolkit may be used to develop other projects that share people’s stories and lived experiences of the law to advocate for human rights, and to develop ideas for change grounded in lived experience. This toolkit could be used for collaborative research, workshops and work with pairs to develop stories and responses for law reform across a range of areas not limited to disability or legal capacity.

This toolkit provides information and insight into the VOICES project from recruitment of individuals to participate in the project to engaging with policymakers and influencers regarding the final contributions in an effort to create change.

The toolkit is divided into sections representing each stage of the project including:












Each section of the toolkit provides information about how the project was carried out and the challenges that arose during the project. Each section also contains good practices that were developed throughout the project and feedback from participants where possible.

A PDF version of this toolkit is available here.

An EasyRead version will be made available here soon.